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Murrieta Divorce Attorney

Assistance in Your Divorce Matters

Some of the most difficult and troubling legal matters that can arise are those related to family law. These issues are often personal and emotional with the outcomes having a dramatic impact on your life as well as your loved ones. Here at Singleton Smith Law Offices we are constantly striving to provide our clients with the utmost attention to detail as we can. Our personlized representation is something we pride ourselves on, constantly pursuing favorable results in the cases of our clients. In cases of child support, child custody and spousal support, the results can be life changing and leave families with long term consequences. When your children are involved there is often nothing that you will stop at in seeking their best interests, and we are right there alongside of you.

For countless individuals that have already been through a divorce, there may be a need for a modification down the road. The circumstances that originally surrounded your divorce are not always the same and your financial position and needs can change throughout the years. These issues can be brought to the court by both the person paying support and the person receiving it. In the same way, it is also possible to seek a modification for child support when either you are not receiving enough to cover the cost of living for your child, or you are unable to pay or do not believe you should be paying as much. The assistance offered by a Murrieta divorce attorney in all areas of law is incredibly beneficial in providing the strategy and solutions needed to move forward.

Qualified Representation in Family Law

Our team is devoted to the practice of family law and serves those primarily in the Murrieta and Riverside County area. An attorney at our firm is a member of the San Bernardino County Bar, American Bar Association, Southwest Bar Association, State Bar of California and the Riverside County Bar Association. The highest quality of representation is something we are relentlessly offering to those dealing with issues of conservatorship, guardianship, paternity and more. The problems that can arise in family law can very complex. A marriage is a bonding union that adheres together countless areas of a couple's life. In the event that they choose to end their marriage there are many aspects that will need to be divided up and doing this is not an easy task. For those that are going through a divorce it can be extremely trying to take on the matter alone. An attorney can help detach and look at the long term goals and effects of the decisions that are made.

One of the best ways you can find out more about our strategy and how we can assist you in your case is to call our office and schedule a free consultation. Through this meeting we will be able to learn more about you including what you are hoping to get out of this case. With those goals in mind we will begin developing a plan. Our team possesses a strong knowledge of the laws that dictate family law. Our thorough understanding can help you avoid unnecessary setbacks and make the process as seamless as can be. Since the terms of your divorce have a significant impact on your life, it is expected that you will have many questions and concerns about your situation. Our lawyer can help you gain a greater understanding of what you will be looking at during the divorce process.

Each divorce case is different and will require personalized assistance. Sometimes a couple is able to come to many of the agreements on their own in an uncontested divorce. While you may not need someone to fight for you in this type of case, there are still many valuable ways that our services can help streamline a process that can still be difficult even if you are on the same terms. For many, a divorce is contested and there are several areas that they and their spouse are unable to decide upon together.

You will still want to have your say in the case if it goes to trial and a lawyer can help ensure you do. You need someone by you to make sure you are not overlooked in visitation and custody or when it comes to dividing up your assets. Couples can sometimes at least make one agreement on their divorce. They want to avoid court. For those that have decided this, there is the valuable option of divorce mediation. During this process both you and your spouse can sit down to deal with your divorce together. When the situation is proving to be too much, a legal professional that is present can step in and help guide the proceedings. This option can provide a less stressful environment in and also much more costl effective than long, drawn out battles in court.

Experienced Divorce Lawyer Serving Murrieta, CA

At our office we also offer assistance to those that are looking to an alternative to marriage through the benefits of a domestic partnership. This can provide them with many rights that a married couple has without actually being married. For those that choose this route, our team will strive to increase the advantages of it as much as possible.

In the same way there are alternatives to marriage there is also an alternative to divorce. Some couples may not be seeking a divorce for religious, financial or other reasons. They can instead pursue a separation from their partner. This means that while they are still legally married, they may have certain areas of their life removed from the association with their spouse. Others may hope that in the future they are able to reconcile but, for the time being, find that it is better for them to live apart. Sometimes separation is the first step and can help a couple come to the final decision that a divorce will suit them. Some marriages may have been short term when early in the marriage, the couple realized that their decision to marry was a mistake. In these cases, some may seek an annulment that can void the marriage rather than going through a divorce. In the eyes of the law annulment will essentially mean that the couple was never married.

In any of these instances it is one of the most important things you can do to speak with a lawyer from our office. We can provide you with valuable legal insight, skilled negotiation, representation in the courtroom and can help keep you informed on the status of your case. We are also able to assist in related matters such as seeking a restraining order for those that need legal protection from someone they have reason to fear. We understand how important your family law matter is which is why we will strive to handle it with an exceptional level of capability. During this difficult time you need a compassionate legal professional on your side that also has a strong level of legal skill such as the ability that has been recognized at our firm. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation.

If you are dealing with a divorce or another area of family law, do not delay in contacting a Murrieta divorce lawyer from our firm for quality service you can count on.

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